Hi, I'm Liz...


As soon as I could drive myself, I took my first pottery class. What began as a productive use of my idle teenage years quickly turned into a character-changing experience. Fifteen years later, I am still driving myself to the studio as often as I can!


Just as I’ve come into my own by way of clay, a craftsperson's relationship with their chosen material is like none other. My degree in Design Studies from The College of Design at N.C. State gave me an opportunity to ground my research in design’s roots in craft. Learning the interrelated histories of craft and design introduced me to the legacy of meaning and beauty across many mediums, including pottery. Staying true to process and material is a timeless endeavor that yields beautiful and useful objects.


Showing the human nature of my pots along with the beauty of clay is as integral to the pieces as their functionality. My pots are not a necessity; rather, they communicate. Each one speaks of the journey of skill-building and cultivating intention in one’s life, the human story.


The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it
— John Ruskin